The NDEV sent to LMG

My friend LethalTail had sent their NDEV unit to Linus Media Group. This particular NDEV unit was previously in my hands and I had left a little easter egg on the inside for LethalTail to find.

I will likely be getting this NDEV unit back from LethalTail once LMG is done with it. I have a few things I want to do with it, including socketing the NAND chip on it, like how I have done with my tech Wii.

It was a surprise to me to hear that LMG was going to be getting a look at it. I assume that they will not mention the decal in their video, but I would like to see their surprised WTF reaction when they do see it. All that they are aware of it that someone’s alias is written on the inside.

I never expected this to go into bigger hands and only really left it as a fun joke for LethalTail. This certainly isn’t the first time I left an easter egg inside someone’s stuff that they sent me.

If anything, I bet that Jake will be the curious one to say “who the fuck is DeadlyFoez?” and then go down the rabbit hole and hopefully eventually find this post.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing their video on it, and I even more look forward to it being sent to me again.